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Hello.. I am Nuka.
I am delighted to invite you into this world that I hope we can build together.

Through the lockdown I realised that to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves. I Am Seeking is the dawning of the realization that we cannot see through the smog without the vision of those surrounding us. We need each other. 


I am Seeking brings a series of mantras, frequencies, magic and mysteries.  It is a project that transcends religion, creed or race, but stems from spirituality. A journey on which we will encounter ourselves, accept our shortcomings and embrace our potential. A journey that can lead us to the key that lies within..

Where we will find what is universally ours.

I ask you to allow me, and others like me, to use our musical and technical skillsets, life experiences and access to the spiritual community to build and leave behind a better world by creating sonic and visual pieces, with products and experiences to help us grow, heal and connect with one another.


We are in this together.